Included Symbols

More than 100 currency pairs & Forex Symbols and precious metals are included in our API. We call these pairs as "Original" in our API which includes the pairs listed below. These symbols are taken directly from the forex market with latest price,ask,bid,change amount,change percent,lowest,highest values and historical and timeframe data according to your plan.

Other than these 100+ currency pairs and metals, our API also also has "Reverse" pairs which includes the reverse of original pairs. For example if you request USD/EUR , this is a reverse currency pair. Reversed pairs have: Latest price,daily lowest and daily highest values.

As an extra feature, we also provide currency pairs cross calculated via USD. For example, Our API has USD/NOK and USD/KRW so , if you request NOK/KRW or KRW/NOK from the API, it will give you the latest price of NOK/KRW via cross calculation with USD/NOK and USD/KRW. This is applicable for all currencies that have a rate with USD. We call these currencies as "Converted" in Our API and these pairs only have latest price value available for all plans and historical data is not available as they are not the original pairs.

All of these data are provided with real-time updates according to your subscription package. You can request all these symbols with a single request and the request is counted as 1 API request for each 5 pairs. Please see our API documentation page for details.

With Source Currency Switching feature , you can set a source currency and get target currencies' values. For example if you set NZD as source currency and request EUR,JPY,AED,ILS,MXN as target currencies , you will get the values of target currencies for 1 NZD.

We also provide most of the crypto currencies (around 2500+) with live USD and BTC price and daily change numbers.

The symbols included in our API are listed alphabetically ( Original Pairs ) :

The blue colored pairs have been added at 11-29-2019 , Historical and Timeframe rates are available only after this date.

 Australian Dollar Canadian Dollar 
 Australian Dollar Swiss Franc 
 Australian Dollar Yen 
 Australian Dollar New Zealand Dollar 
 Australian Dollar US Dollar 
 Bitcoin Euro 
 Gold Spot Australian Dollar 
 Bitcoin US Dollar 
 Canadian Dollar Swiss Franc 
 Canadian Dollar Yen 
 Canadian Dollar Norwegian Kroner 
 Canadian Dollar Romanian Leu 
 Canadian Dollar Swedish Kronor 
 Swiss Franc Yen 
 Swiss Franc Norwegian Krone 
 Swiss Franc Romanian Leu 
 Swiss Frank Swedish Kronor 
 Swiss Franc Turkish Lira 
 Danish Kroner Japanese Yen 
 Danish Kroner Norwegian Kroner 
 Danish Kroner Swedish Kronor 
 Ethereum US Dollar 
 Euro UAE Dirham 
 Euro Australian Dollar 
 Euro Bulgarian Lev 
 Euro Brazilian Real 
 Euro Canadian Dollar 
 Euro Swiss Franc 
 Euro Chilean Peso 
 Euro Chinese Offshore Yuan 
 Euro Yuan Renminbi 
 Euro Czech Koruna 
 Euro Danish Krone 
 Euro Pound Sterling 
 Euro Hong Kong Dollar 
 Euro Forint 
 Euro Indian Rupee 
 Euro Yen 
 Euro Won 
 Euro Kuwaiti Dinar 
 Euro Tenge 
 Euro Norwegian Krone 
 Euro New Zealand Dollar 
 Euro Zloty 
 Euro Romanian Leu 
 Euro Serbian Dinar 
 Euro Russian Ruble 
 Euro Saudi Riyal 
 Euro Swedish Krona 
 Euro Singapore Dollar 
 Euro Turkish Lira 
 Euro US Dollar 
 Euro Rand 
 Pound Sterling Australian Dollar 
 Pound Sterling Canadian Dollar 
 Pound Sterling Swiss Franc 
 Pound Sterling Chinese Yuan 
 British Pound Danish Kroner 
 Pound Sterling Euro 
 Pound Sterling Yen 
 British Pound Kuwaiti Dinar 
 British Pound Norwegian Kroner 
 Pound Sterling New Zealand Dollar 
 Pound Sterling Russian Ruble 
 British Pound Saudi Arabian Riyal 
 British Pound Swedish Kronor 
 Pound Sterling Turkish Lira 
 Pound Sterling US Dollar 
 Pound Sterling Rand 
 Norwegian Kroner Japanese Yen 
 Norwegian Krone Swedish Krona 
 New Zealand Dollar Canadian Dollar 
 New Zealand Dollar Swiss Franc 
 New Zealand Dollar Euro 
 New Zealand Dollar Japanese Yen 
 New Zealand Dollar US Dollar 
 Saudi Arabian Riyal Japanese Yen 
 Swedish Krona Japanese Yen 
 Turkish Lira Yen 
 US Dollar UAE Dirham 
 US Dollar Afghan Afghani 
 US Dollar Lek 
 US Dollar Armenian Dram 
 US Dollar Angolan kwanza 
 US Dollar Argentinian Peso 
 US Dollar Azerbaijani Manat 
 US Dollar Bosnian Convertible Marks 
 US Dollar Bangladeshi Taka 
 US Dollar Bulgarian Lev 
 US Dollar Bahrain Dinar 
 US Dollar Burundian Franc 
 US Dollar Brunei Dollar 
 US Dollar Brazilian Real 
 US Dollar Canadian Dollar 
 US Dollar Swiss Franc 
 US Dollar Chilean Peso 
 US Dollar Offshore Chinese Yuan 
 US Dollar Yuan Renminbi 
 US Dollar Colombian Peso 
 US Dollar Costa Rican Colon 
 US Dollar Czech Koruna 
 US Dollar Danish Krone 
 US Dollar Algerian Dinar 
 US Dollar Egyptian Pound 
 US Dollar Georgian lari 
 US Dollar Ghanaian Cedi 
 US Dollar Hong Kong Dollar 
 US Dollar Croatian Kuna 
 US Dollar Forint 
 US Dollar Rupiah 
 US Dollar Shekel 
 US Dollar Indian Rupee 
 US Dollar Iraqi Dinar 
 US Dollar Iranian Rial 
 US Dollar Icelandic Kr 
 US Dollar Jordan Dinar 
 US Dollar Yen 
 US Dollar Won 
 US Dollar Kuwaiti Dinar 
 US Dollar Tenge 
 US Dollar Lebanese Pound 
 US Dollar Sri Lankan Rupee 
 US Dollar Libyan Dinar 
 US Dollar Moroccan Dirham 
 US Dollar Moldovan Leu 
 US Dollar Denar 
 US Dollar Mexican Peso 
 US Dollar Malaysian Ringgit 
 US Dollar Mozambique Metical 
 US Dollar Norwegian Krone 
 US Dollar New Zealand Dollar 
 US Dollar Omani Rial 
 US Dollar Peru Sol 
 US Dollar Philippine Peso 
 US Dollar Pakistan Rupee 
 US Dollar Zloty 
 US Dollar Qatari Rial 
 US Dollar Romanian Leu 
 US Dollar Serbian Dinar 
 US Dollar Russian Ruble 
 US Dollar Saudi Riyal 
 US Dollar Swedish Krona 
 US Dollar Singapore Dollar 
 US Dollar Syrian Pound 
 US Dollar Thai Baht 
 US Dollar Turkmenistan Manat 
 US Dollar Tunisian Dinar 
 US Dollar Turkish Lira 
 US Dollar New Taiwan Dollar 
 US Dollar Hryvnia 
 US Dollar Uruguayan Peso 
 US Dollar Uzbekistani Som 
 US Dollar Rand 
 Silver Australian Dollar 
 Silver Euro 
 Silver US Dollar 
 Gold Spot Australian Dollar 
 Gold Euro 
 Gold US Dollar 
 Brent Spot US Dollar 
 Palladium Euro 
 Palladium US Dollar 
 Platinum Euro 
 Platinum US Dollar 
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