About Currencydatafeed.com

Currencydatafeed.com is a Ingenium Software Company located in İstanbul/Turkey with registered with VAT Number 9240460150. Ingenium Software is mainly focused on developing fintech solutions via mobile applications and providing financial data to customers via currencydatafeed.com (CDF). CDF has multiple sources including Banks, Data providers. CDF's parent company, Ingenium Software is one the leading fintech provider locally and an important player globally.

CDF started operations in 2015 and since 2015, more than 500K users are registered with CDF. With high retention rates of subscriptions, CDF is confident about the given service with quality and rapid support, %100 uptime in 2020 and accurate data provideed. Ingenium software is fully behind te operation of CDF and with the support of multiple payment processors, we provide flexibility to our customers with VAT advantages and more.

CDF continues to work with maximum motivation to provide better service to its' customers. In January 2021, Websockets are launched to provide customers with rapid live data. Also, our website renewed and professional ticket system for a better support has been launched. For 6 years, we always worked hard for our customers and we will continue to work for the upcoming years.

Should you need additional info about our company, you can reach us via contact us menu in the navigation.


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